15 Mar 2014

Video: New Mexico Saucer UFO Crash Footage From 1996 Analysed And Enhanced

A video online is one of the most compelling pieces of video footage evidence proving that saucer shaped craft do fly in our sky's fast, heat up to extreme temperatures to the point of glowing white hot, can take a huge impact at least once and actually do get recorded doing so at least once.

This unique video enhancement shows the spinning disc make a huge impact which distorts its spin causing

its total loss of control before exploding into white hot pieces all over the place.

This video was presented by Secret Industries Space Theatre, In this presentation the original footage is enhanced and is in high quality HD. Evidently this footage was released first at a UFO conference in Australia.

Why was the cameraman at that spot at that time? Like he knew to be there for some reason!

Catching a UFO crashing is luckier than winning the lotto twice in one week, this footage is impressive

and you cannot discount the object as alien as it appears so in the footage.

Was it an alien craft hit with a pulse weapon or was it a human experimental saucer?

One thing is for sure! If you saw this anywhere around the planet at a high distance, it would look like a star, Satellite, ISS or even a Chinese lantern, you would most likely think its explainable which makes the 95% explainable cases actually having a real UFO like this in the footage cutting the percentage down dramatically.