15 Mar 2014

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory On UFO's And Government Explination's To The Crafts

Governments from any country always hold top secret files that sometimes be released by whistleblower's
such as Snowden and Manning who showed the world real news on what is actually going on in the intelligence departments. These documents and videos where top secret and the penalty of being found guilty for publishing real news is 10years+ thats a whistleblowers gamble to show facts that are secret.

Now when it comes to UFO's and videos posted online! there is always a troll who goes through as many sites to debunk videos that involve UFO's. Paid employees possibly paid by Governments in secret multiple locations around the globe all doing relentless work at questioning all videos they can that are popular on YouTube. Generals and Presidents admitting the presence of Saucers on YouTube stating themselves as witnesses have no trolls "Why" Because they cannot debunk an Ex President due to respect, nor a General.

Here is 3 short videos of a General and a president speaking about UFO's and a Sighting.

The General That States Highly Professional Accounts Are Credible Saucer Sightings and admits the
Saucers have no part in any secret projects by the US forces.

President Harry Truman Admitting UFO's Are Real

This coming from a President in office was never downgraded by any debunking agency as they are paid by government and Federal Reserve.

Here We Have President Carter Admitting Seeing A UFO That Just Dissapeared

UFODI always like putting things into prospective by publishing what makes sense as theory and try linking them into a fact based article. Presidents admitting such things are being as honest as they possibly can, UFO's do exist but they are only unidentified by the viewer, Im sure today Obama does not know 20% of what creators are creating worldwide today and what new advances other countries have found in science which the US have no knowledge off. Governments tend to keep most secrets from other Governments and only share the bare technical advances. 
So UFO's have to be the top "RED ALERT" in the classified lists.