15 Mar 2014

Is It A Real Flying Saucer (UFO) Over France Or A Clever Elaborate Hoax!

A New video surfaced today on YouTube showing what appears to be a hovering silent disc shaped object sitting in the skies of Vian-Les Bains in France suddenly veer off and move drastically away from the scene.

The witness only states the objects hovered in the same place for a short time over the wooded area then flew away. Videos online these days of saucers sometimes manipulated in some ways, this video has some objects  on front of the Saucer which add to its reality in appearance. If this is in any way real! It would of been tracked and recorded in detail by the forces of that country, Or they are the ones who are the aviators!

Has France got alien visitors? Yes on a weekly basis along with every other country in the world.

UK Aviation watch tower staff admit "One" real UFO case each week, when they mean Real! Its on radar and they know where it went, altitude, the speed and when it might have left our atmosphere.

These admittance's from top ranked and highly skilled staff from many agencies in the aviation, military and civilian background are given by order from someone higher and it all leads to us being in the middle of a disclosure process which will get more explosive as time goes on.

Do you believe Saucers are Alien?

Or do you believe they are Ours?