13 Mar 2014

Huge Armada Of Bright Odd Lights Appear Outside The International Space Station

A huge armada of Unidentified Objects appeared on the International Space Station (ISS) camera system while

streamed live online!  Looking at the scene and the way  appeared from center screen is because part of the ISS is covering the left side of the video! At the same time "Myself" along with many UFO hunters don't usually see

lights from the streamed ISS like this, usually one to a few lights from major cities is visible as NASA as we all know wont give us the real HD quality they get, we get the worst and most color defective camera stream in the world so they can stop you seeing the true universe in all its colors, These lights have to be close to be seen on these light hiding camera systems running on 1mp for us the viewers.

What is your thoughts?