11 Mar 2014

NASA Astronauts Admit Seeing And Having Knowledge Of ET Here On Earth

When it comes to government and military secrecy, you oblige to keeping what you know to yourself!
But when you retire! your mind needs to release a lot of stress and leads to you expressing your problem
to others. In this interesting set of videos I've picked to chat about is about two famous astronauts who wish to share their sightings and knowledge of whats actually going on in the UFO department.

Here we have Gordon Cooper - NASA Astronaut in an interview by a news media company in US.
What you heard during the interview is the saucer (UFO) landing while being recorded!
He did not say alien! he explained it landing and lifting its landing gear before shooting off.
That is not something that happens usually in areas anywhere of no significance.
So was it a NASA built anti gravity test craft?

Here in this video below we have Edgar Mitchell who admits he has not seen a UFO himself
but associated himself with the highest security clearance personnel who gave full detailed
stories of ET and the variety of races and their UFO's.
He admits in the interview which could have been edited stating: The small alien grays are the most prominent one of all the races.

You have to come to the conclusion of your beliefs and not follow what media teaches you as the
mind has a chemistry to only follow whats mostly seen. Think outside the media box.