15 Jun 2014

UFO Or Drone? Car Sized Object Moves Across Californian Skies June 2014

A man catches what appears to be UFO with a centered intense light and multiple other lights, he keeps bringing up police drone but the closer ho goes to the object the bigger it appeared stating that it was the size of a car or a large trash can. The object does resemble an RC drone yet its power source for the intense light is not that of civilian RC drone batteries so it could be a large new police drone or could it actually be a UFO. Drones have red, white, blue and green lighting on  them but what is this was a regulation the governments worldwide contracted as they knew some actual UFOs had the same lighting and the RC drone creations has made it hard to tell, making the public automatically think drone. But saying a drone is the size of a car or trash can! I have not seen a levitating drone that size yet apart from the turbine powered saucer which was a big failure at flight.
Witness Statement: I been thinking, If it were a remote controlled project, then how can someone fly it three blocks to the right in two seconds from the ground and still see it. Is that possible? second, what are the other lights that act strange in the sky? It also keeps playing hide and go seek with me.