19 Jun 2014

UFO Appears In Skies Of North Kentucky June 18th 2014

A bright pulsating object appears in the skies over Northern Kentucky and the witness catches it on two videos, this object in the second video turns out to be a flying saucer and quite clearly in this video it looks like a blob of pulsating white light, soon afterwards its full dimensions appear which is in our other published story tonight. What on earth could this object be apart from an authentic UFO. But is it an Alien saucer? We know deep down the US are making these by the dozen a week adding up the the 9 trillion dollar debt of unknown funding could this be a military remake for the future false flag invasion UFOLOGY already know is imminent to happen? It sure is one odd looking thing but in our other story of the same object you will see in detail that this blob of static electricity materializes into a large spinning saucer with outside lighting.

What is your thoughts on this strange craft and why its in our skies?