20 Jun 2014

US Governments Murderous Behavior On Sovereign Nations Has ET Written All Over It

Take a look at this amazing video from Orange County US recorded on 6-18-14  showing bright UFOs in the sky.
One disappears and the other just illuminates brightly and hovering static with some type of smoke coming from it. These Foo Fighter type objects are not new in Orange County as we also have a video of a Foo Fighter type UFO in our archives from September last year. Shocked and confused the witness cannot believe what he and his Girl Friend are seeing. Is there an interest in this part of the US with these alien visitors? We stated that there is going to be a wave of sightings this next few months as the winter months sightings were way too high in volume and this year could be the year world governing bodies will disclose the ET presence engaging earth, ET was patient enough but I'm sure the good ET's have had enough of the US military and their deadly deeds to conquer the Earth with destruction at every turn. By the way the US government have been carrying on meddling in other sovereign nations and their outright deceit to their public they must think its their end of days. The global consciousness has tapped on to the illuminati run US military and Government and now the world and other world leaders are standing tall against the congress by stopping all exports from the US to their countries moving swiftly to China as the real export leader.

All this looks bad, but does the US know that their days are totally done? with a near 30 trillion debt and a fiscal cliff coming again I think when ET comes there will be no worry about the fiscal cliff and more worry about ET landing and taking over. Russia have started talking ET also, there has been too many TV stints where top leaders in Russia have talked ET and media linked it to a joke or a miss-interpret but no top leaders joke or miss-interpret on National television with serious faces on plus ex ministers of defense stating they heard there was maybe four different kinds of ET and the US might be working with at least two aliens (Tall Whites) which are exchanging knowledge and creating amazing free energy devices. This all might sound far fetched in a movie or Hollywood blockbuster but its actually reality. President Ronald Ragan UN speech about how humanity would unite if we were to be attacked by another race from another world, but this might actually be an attack on the human population by our human friends at secret military facilities carrying out the mass murder attacks which might stop by a false projection of GOD beating them off and leaving hundreds of crashed satellite saucers RC Saucers more off with no ET's in them apart from maybe a few which could be genetic mutations purposely built to fool the whole planet. Once there is Half a  Billion people left, I'm sure they've been busy building the biggest damn tunnels and living compartments deep deep under ground with 2 year supply of food and vegetable growing equipment, These people will rise to a new world and start re colonization of certain parts of the world, most likely where the nuclear factories are, untouched if false flagged and start creating the new world with all this futuristic tech lying in pieces worldwide. I've studied the conspiracies of the US  in past events and I'm convinced they are responsible for 80% this leads me to believe they do not give a rats hoot about their own population and when the ET day comes the US government know they've just weaponized a whole entire nation to blast at whatever and whoever they want.

Who will be going to these tunnels? The same people we know off today as the worlds elite illuminati and all the war mongering slave taking military leaders who caused 100 years of death and destruction while saying its in the name of GOD? A GOD that states the one who decieves is the true spirit of Satan himself, causing racial hate and splitting peaceful nations into three stating one side is better than the other, weaponizing the militants under false claims they are freedom fighters. These elite are the ones our military should be sweeping to war tribunals or handed to death like Sadam and Gaddafi or the thousands of Black Americans executed knowing they were innocent.If Good ET's come down to hit the White house and smack some evil but before restoring our consciousness, Would you honestly be ready? Have you actually thought over what to do is food runs short as the internet collapses? Its a good idea to take up vegetable agriculture learning skills and a few others because this could also happen when the fiscal cliff bees tripped on next time.

Lets hope this false invasion does not happen and pray for a heavenly being that spreads the word of peace.