12 May 2014

President Clinton Admits He Could Not Enter Area 51! Neither Could Any Other President Since Eisenhower

In a new twist to to the Area 51 theory! Bill Clinton recently went on air stating there was no alien at Area 51, sending special forces to "Check Documents" and not publicly go to Area 51 itself! Why on Earth does a president need to get documents read to verify there is no ET at the base when all staff at the top floor 51 have no Idea whats going on levels down! This is information being twisted on state media. listen carefully after the second minute! Mr Clinton is saying he has never had the security clearance to step foot at Area 51 front door, why did he say I sent people to look at documents? This is coded! he can always look back and say hey, the documents were forged by military leaders above his control. To date! There has been no President of the United States so far admit they have been allowed into Area 51 never mind not mention the word of the secret place in public. Only now has Area 51 been acknowledged on state media this year, Weird, yes because Obama hired his right hand man who is a UFO advocate to full UFO disclosure John Podesta job as President advisor!
This guy has saw his very own UFO sighting at close range.
Can John Podesta actually be advisor to advise the higher powers at Area 51 to open the door's to science?
Many in our circles believe 2014 to be disclosure year due to the many coincidences that have happened so far.

Below is a video of John Podesta taking stage at the National Press Club stating the US should come clean to its citizens and to the world about its knowledge of UFO's, This is Obama's advisor right now!
So do you think it will happen in 2014? It is going to happen soon enough! But how long is soon to such a matter? UFO's have been recorded in the skies of every single country and in the US they have been witnessed in every single state! Check www.ufodi.com or go tu UFODI youtube and other top channels and view the strange crafts as they were recorded.