16 May 2014

Barcelona UFOs And Russian Rocket Destruction Could Be Related! May 2014

Sperical - disc shaped unidentified flying object has been recorded by hundreds of people who say its a UFO! What do you make of these sightings over Spain? And now with the latest video of a Russian Rocket being blasted by a UFO recently could this be a sign the aliens want to land?
Barcelona, Mexico and Greece have bare witness to saucer UFO sightings this week alone! Sunny skies make for good viewing and these objects are getting easier to find or they are making themselves known.
Below is a video from Russia showing what happened to the rocket which just happened to encounter a UFO and ended up being destroyed or should I say "Taken Out" but was it Aliens?

This white object shoots towards the speeding rocket which was already exiting the atmosphere
to release a new satellite, a satellite someone may wish not to be in the sky, passing the rocket it takes a drastic exit angle and suddenly the rocket starts
malfunctioning. If this was an advance military craft which shot down the rocket, like a 47 Saucer UFO, as Russia would not take kindly to such threats from craft they lable as hush hush and should not be used in public or conflict as its free energy that runs some secret military craft, energy that can power a nation from the one device, clean energy. Will Russia retaliate?

Are these UFO sightings worldwide somehow related? and what about this rocket! what if it was aliens? The planet is protected with secret energy weapons but anything that runs on fuel will not catch any of these super fast objects which have been appearing from the beginning of documented time
and recorded on a daily basis here on earth and at times moon footage, NASA footage and now even Mars had a cigar shaped object appear on 5 frames of  NASA Curiosity video. To be inundated with new UFO news and info go to: www.ufodi.net