9 Jun 2014

Florida US And Northampton UK Get Identical UFO Sightings

These two videos posted from different sides of the earth were uploaded this week and show what appears to be the exact same things. A swirling ball of light ejecting a luminous material was recorded over Jax Beach Florida and it was accompanied by others while in flight. The strange lights recorded on Friday night were explained as skydivers but this could be a cover up story to easily explain and brush off the footage as useless. This video does show objects that are not falling also but could this spinning object be the suspected plane the skydivers fell from?

Below is a video from the UK recorded over Northampton showing a single airborne object with the same characteristics as the video object above, it ejects the same type of glowing substance as the video above also the flight pattern. Is there a cover up? Could these be friendly foes or are they more earthly? You decide.