23 Jul 2014

Strangest UFO Photographed Then Crop Circle Makes TV The Next Day On The 8th July 2014

This strange blob of light was photographed wits small orbs beside it and what makes this photo special is that the crop circle below appeared under where this UFO was taken on the night of the crop circle formation.
One woman was left freaked out after she saw a strange light and heard that a friend also saw the strange light and took this picture below only to find out also that a crop circle appeared the morning after.
The sighting happened near Tetbury Lane near Charlton Park estates while the witness was travelling between Malmesbury to Cirencester on the first Monday night of July. Stating it looked like something exploding in the sky, fiery and bright and it was not moving, she looked elsewhere and looked back and it was gone.
Could this be the UFO that created this crop circle below?