26 Jul 2014

Amazingly Bright UFO Passes Silently Over Palencia Spain 21 July 2014.

This video was recorded in the middle of a field of Palencia, on the morning of July 21, 2014.
At first glance it was a sphere of (almost blinding) very powerful scrolling light high in the sky. The video shows several comparisons with fixed stars for the movement and also some zooms that let seen the bluish-purple look around her. I think this recording is the longest we have gone without the UFO. Although we could not capture because there was too much light pollution near the ground, the ball of light was a path that seems to indicate its landing. Sorry for the swearing, the truth is that the sighting was incredible ...
As always, remember that before getting any video I check the passage of the Space Station, the other satellites and, of course, the air traffic.
Thank you all for a few minutes to dedicate our work