9 May 2014

UFO Destroying Taliban Camp! Elaborate Hoax - VIDEO - Origional Military Footage

As suspected! The UFO Footage from Iraq was an elaborate hoax and a nasty one at that.
We published earlier the UFO story and now we have found the origional. This attack was a legit US Jet fighter assault which happened years ago. Below is the two videos!
The Orional - Jet Fighter Footage
The reversed UFO Fake Footage.

Sometimes elaborate hoaxes help ufology and not always ruins ufology as most say, It attracts a lot of new people to the UFO situation, dragging many to view other videos and find themselves in a place they once never thought off. UFO's are real and there is strong evidence that some are in fact ET! To educate yourself about UFO's here is a short video below which shows real UFO activity, this will help you in finding a strong interest in ufology and why people like myself cant help but search for the truth.

UFODI Compilation 47 - 2014
What is your thoughts on UFO's?