23 Mar 2014

NASA Shows UFO On National Stream! Was It Aliens?

Houston! We have a problem, a phrase known worldwide yet very underestimated.

what makes this footage very interesting is that it was authentic and on public media at the time of this

capture. NASA broadcast a video with a large "Pink" UFO on media TV stream and cut the channel.

This UFO is identical to the UFO's which surrounded a tether satellite which snapped as its 12 mile cable

broke. This UFO has the same little cutting of its back, Like a bite mack on a biscuit, and adds to the tether resemblance. Further study suggests the object is in the outer atmosphere and acually not on the surface.

Lakes do not have a curved shadow and we do not have pink mountains. Is this is an actual UFO of an ET

race or is it a man made backtracked ET craft.

NASA holds secrets, most conspiracy theorist believe! Like myself. What the public need to know it!

Why would NASA hide the truth from the public unless there is a trade agreement with aliens which

forbid NASA to keep the general public nullified from knowing their presence.

Mexico military and many other non US allies are pushing for the US to disclose to the public the truth.

The truth is! Right on front of you and everything around you.