6 Mar 2014

Las Vegas Had UFO Flyover On 10th August 2013 Says Witness!

August 10th 2013.. Great UFO-OVNI sighting in the skies of Las Vegas!

This interesting footage comes a little late! But we cannot let time pass us by.

Las Vegas is a little UFO hotbed and the sightings are usually reported on a weekly-fortnightly basis!

What are the strange lights that stay low instead of rising with heat as lanterns do?

The pop up in countries that have laws prohibiting lanterns, countries with no knowledge of Lanterns and countries "yes" that have shops selling them! But the balls of light witnesses say" Are so extremely intense with light" That they cannot see the object underneath.

These objects first appeared here on earth during WW2 when a fleet of Aircraft Bombers acompanied by hundreds of fighter planes encountered loads of balls of bright orange and white light appearing within feet of their cockpits! zigging across the sky at unbelievable speeds and shooting of dissapearing into oblivion. Fully documented in history books and not denied by the military