17 Mar 2014

Cameraman Catches Super Fast UFO Over Hurst Texas

While out recording satellites passing overhead with his night vision camera a very fast and unexpected visitor shoots into the scene.
Travelling at a curved altitude and at a very fast speed the white dot shoots from one horizon to the other in seconds, while recording the scene the witness straight away notices its flight pattern was not in the flight characteristics of any known aircraft nor that of a straight going satellites he is aware off.

Recorded at 10:04pm on the 3rd May 2011

Night vision technology is getting so advanced that we are at stage 3rd Generation in the technology.
Ufologists favor these camera systems for studies and surprisingly they come up with some amazing results such as this video below which shows yet another mysterious object shooting across the skies at speed and is one of hundreds of recordings now on YouTube and many other social media and media sites.